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During SMartCamp (Social Media Art Camp), nonprofits, artists, arts organizations, bloggers, strategists, and a bunch of other really really interesting people gathered to talk about the intersection of Arts, Culture, and Technology.

As part of SMartCamp, we also ran a 4 hour Social Media Bootcamp. The workshop, which was limited to 20 participants (broken up into smaller groups of 5), allowed attendees to develop the foundations of a social media strategy, or workshop an existing social media strategy in a small group setting with one-on-one support from workshop leaders.

The workshop leaders included
Farra Trompeter
Maryann Devine
Damien Basile
and me, Jaki Levy.

Each facilitator gave a short 10 minute presentation, and then led a conversation within the small groups. All 4 presentations are included below (for even more SMartCamp presentations, go here).

We also took participants through a series of questions and shared resources (which were gathered by all the facilitators in a google doc). For your reference, I’ve also posted those resources below.



NTEN: We Are Media
Case Foundation: Gear Up for Giving
Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media
The A-to-Z of Social Media for Brands
5 Must-Read Social Media Case Studies
A List of Articles on Social Media


Social Technographics
The Conversation Prism
Social Media Demographics
Museum 2.0
Twitter Directory (search, find Twitter users)
Twiangulate (Relationship analysis tool)

Strategy (including staffing)

The POST Method
Nonprofit Social Network Survey Report
(participate in this year’s survey here:
How much time does it take to do social media?
Should CEOs and Executive Directors Use Social Media
How to Deveop A Small-Scale Social Media Plan

Monitoring and Listening

Frog Loop: Build Your Own Listening Dashboard…
A Recipe for Social Media Buzz


Nonprofit Social Media Benchmark Study
Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmark Study
How To: Measure Social Media ROI
Using Social Media to Meet Nonprofit Goals


Social Media Policies
What’s in a Social Media Policy and Why You Might Need One
Nonprofit Communications – Weekly Roundup
Sample Policy for Responding to Comments (US Air Force)

Relationship/Community Building

Online community building: Gardening vs. landscaping
5 Tips for Creating Non-Profit Online Communities


Twitter Guide Book
Twitter: I think I get it. Now what do I tweet?


Tweetdeck monitor conversations + posts on twitter : helps you manage twitter accounts online:
Facebook Page Analytics (find similar pages + fans) :
Mailchimp (some of the best email marketing software around) :

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