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NextBook, JDub, and Milk&Honey

I just recently wrapped up a video project for NextBook and JDub

This video was designed for a live event in LA, to be played on a plasma screen. However, we created the project files to be modular, and reusable for multiple formats.

NextBook at Milk + Honey from Jaki Levy on Vimeo

For this project, NextBook gave us the challenge of working with text for their new releases.

Because we had to work with so much text, we hand animated each frame to create a high definition experience, while keeping all the text present, readable, and comprehensible.

Additional credits:
Thanks to Rob Moon for the handsome design + the great animation help

The Defibulators | CD Release Party

Last night, The Defibulators hosted a great night of music to celebrate their new CD Release, Corn Money.

New York Magazine writes:

In the way they re-create the barroom swing of the Hank era, the Defibulators and their fellow indie-country bands present themselves as more authentic than, say, Taylor Swift. But while Corn Money has moments of unvarnished beauty (“Your Hearty Laugh”), it also includes a degree of Hee Haw–style cornpone (note long underwear). So what is their music: paean or put-on? “It’s not ironic, what we’re doing,” insists Bru. “We’re not making fun of [country music].” Jennings arches his brow. “Or are we?” Noting Bru’s disapproval, he adds, “We’re not making fun of it. We’re having fun with it.” Sighing, Bru sums up the mystery that is their world: “It’s kind of hard to describe to people.”

You can listen for yourself on their site.

But before you do, watch this video we made to promote their new album.

New Album CORN MONEY out March 3rd! from the defibulators on Vimeo.

for a little more backstory on this video, read my original post

Geek-a-zine Show | LIVE 12-15-08 – With Peter Radizeski and Jaki Levy

Peter Radizeski and I were recently guests on Jeffrey Powers’ show, Geek-a-zine, on UStream.tv.

We spoke about cell phones, the data on them (McCain’s and Obamas Blackberry issues), elections in Estonia, Yahoo email and their new social rollout, the Palm Nova, and a whole lot more.

Check out the show below, and catch his show every Monday, at 7pm on Geekazine’s UStream channel.

Part I – Introductions

Part II – Yahoo’s new design, Estonia’s SMS voting, Blackberry issues on Capitol Hill, and the new Palm OS

A few related links on what we spoke about
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Wall Street Journal, Google, and Net Neutrality
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Jan Chipchase, Nokia, and the Use of Cell Phones around the World – a fascinating look at cell phone culture around the world
I read this article when it was pulished, but re-found it via Designing for Humans

DanceArchy, protesting with John Perry Barlow

This Monday, John Perry Barlow will be speaking at NYU.

I remember during the RNC of 2004, John Perry Barlow organized a protest. The idea was simple enough: dance around the city and express our political opinions in a creative way.

For those who can remember back, there was a larger police presence in New York City during the RNC in 2004 (19,000+) than there were soldiers in Afghanistan (10,000+).

I heard about this particular protest while working on another segment at the RNC and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to join up.

Watch the video for John Perry Barlow’s explanation (be patient while loading):

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JDub Sales Video

The video below was made for JDub, an NYC record label, to help them pitch their artists at a sales conference. JDub represents artists such as Matisyahu, Golem, and Sway Machinery.

The purpose of the video was clear: showcase the label’s artists and their energy.

Check out the video for the final product.

In addition to editing the final video and delivering a DVD for the sales conference . . .

We also optimized images, logos, and videos for JDub. Additionally, we converted multiple video files from DVD’s from performances, archives, and promos. All these graphic and video files were delivered to JDub for future use.

Finally, we produced this media player for all the video files. The media player can be managed by JDub without knowing any code.

Watch our other videos

Lamentation by Martha Graham

[media id=2 width=540 height=400]

The video above is Lamentation by Martha Graham, shot at Saratoga Performing Arts Center during a live performance.
It was a 2 camera shoot, taped and edited entirely for the web.

NOTE : This is a ROUGH VERSION, not the final version.

This is intended as a preview.

Choreographer: Martha Graham
Dancer: Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch
Music by: Zoltan Kodaly

Shot + Edited by: Jaki Levy

Dancing in the Fields :: Martha Graham Dance

I’ve been spending the first part of my Summer with the Martha Graham Dance Company. We’re on a residency at Skidmore. I’ve had the privilege of working with phenomenal dancers from the company, and am also working with a team of over 30 students to produce a group blog.

For an overview of the project, visit the site : http://clytemnestraproject.com/about-the-project/

The video below was shot and edited in one day, and features original choreography from all the students.

Dancing in the Fields from Jaki Levy on Vimeo.

You can take a look at the photos here

Buddy Ebsen Hackett and The Defibulators

Buddy Ebsen Hackett is The Defibulators marketing “arm” for The Defibulators, a brooklyn based musical act. Who-ee! This is the first version of a promo video for The Defibulators‘ new album.

All songs by The Defibulators

Buddy Hackett introduces: The New Album by the Defibulators from Jaki Levy on Vimeo.

playful disclaimer: titles of songs appearing in this video may or may not actually be on the upcoming album

We produced and edited this version in 1 very fun night.
The fire in the fireplace was real and made the entire Brooklyn apartment very, very smokey.

Media Madness at The Kitchen

Darian Dauchan’s Media Madness directed by Margaret Perry premiered at The Kitchen’s Counter Culture series. The show features live video and pre-rendered video pieces and is a “multi-media” extravaganza.

media madness

You can read an in-depth interview with Darian in The Ithaca Times or check out this great interview in The Ithacan.

I’ve been working on the show as the video designer. It’s been quite rewarding working with Margaret and Darian. Right now, we’re using the following equipment for the video setup:

  • 2 TV’s
  • 1 projector
  • A Camera for the Live Feed
  • A Video Amplifier and an A/B Video Switcher
  • Surprisingly, Keynote is running it all.

In the next production, I’d like to incorporate more interactivity into the piece using either Isadora or Max/MSP Jitter so I can create custom titles during the live feed. For example, there is a scene for a press conference (picture above). I’d like to have graphics and lower thirds appear that say “LIVE,” to give it a sense that it’s a media circus in a fictional place by creating custom titles.

However, I’ve found the delay and pixelation in these software platforms to be problematic.

Death of Analog :: An Installation

For this installation 2 VCRs are networked, sending a custom made VHS tape from one VCR to another. As the VHS tape travels in the space between the VCRs, the VHS signal slowly degrades in quality.

Level I
The decomposing signal on the VHS tape mirrors the disappearance of analog technology from our culture.
Like audio cassette tapes and other analog technology, the VCR is on its way out. With the rise of DVRs (digital video recorders) DVDs, and other digital technologies, the VCR is now a quaint thing of the past. Taking the cue from Vinyl Records, VHS tapes are now acquiring a nostalgic status.

Level II
In the installation, the top left image represents the “realty” as it happens in front of us – the live feed is what our eyes see.
The bottom right is what our mind keeps of that. After filtering the “feed” coming in through our eyes, each mind keeps its own memory, which is in fact, a minute fragment of the data that the actual “live feed” contained. In a day from now, what you saw in the room will remain in your brain as a few scattered images with no detail – if any.