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I’ve taught multiple classes in multiple locations. While in NYC, I was teaching at various co-working spaces including 3rd Ward, I also taught at The Field. I’ve also taught at various colleges including Skidmore College & NYU.

Below is a sampling of classes I’ve taught or am currently teaching. For the latest registration information, or if you’re interested in a personalized training session, just shoot me an email : jaki [at] arrowrootmedia.com

Links for the WordPress Workshop :

  • Download the syllabus for Week 1
  • Download Syllabus for Week 2
  • Download Syllabus for Week 3

How To: Set Up An Ecommerce Site

Running an online store enables you to sell your works and products without the constraints of time and space. This seminar serves as a crash course in running your own online business. Two main topics will be covered:

The basic mechanism of e-commerce: who’s involved in transacting online? What are the roles of different parties? What happened when users click the “Submit Order” button?

Steps to set up and run your own online store. Get an Internet merchant bank account. Find a reliable host. Learn how to go about your ecommerce technology. Consider buying an off-the-shelf solution, renting technology from a 3rd party provider, or using open-source or free shopping cart software packages. Learn about payment processing with PayPal, 3rd-party hosting and doing it yourself. Get familiar with shipping methods, managing inventory and your products, securing online transactions, designing your store appearance, and basic search engine optimization (SEO).

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To setup online invoicing, try Freshbooks for free

Use Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your customers, audiences, donors, and constituents. During the workshop, we’ll cover best practices for generating effective email campaigns. We’ll take time to actually consider what you can do to grab your reader, and move them to action. This includes strategies for creating effective copy and generating relevant content. We’ll also brainstorm new ways to reach the people you want to reach, and use your email list more effectively. This will be a hands-on workshop, so if you have email templates, data, or email lists, please bring them.

During the workshop, we’ll be looking at Mailchimp’s functionality (online email marketing software), though this workshop will also be useful to people who use online software like Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, iPower, PatronMail, or other email marketing software.

Download Syllabus

Create Using Social Media

Facebook is now among the top 3 most visited sites in the world, which means people are now turning to social networks for news before they hit yahoo, google, or other sites. Social networking sites have changed the ways we communicate and do business. However, Web 2.0 platforms were not only built for marketing and business. They were built for sharing + creating. This course will focus on how to leverage platforms like twitter, facebook, and flickr to create dialogue around your work, support your research, and build community. Many artists, non profits, and businesses are using these online publishing platforms to share their mission, values, and process.

In this workshop, we’ll look at a few case studies and use our time together to build specific online projects to support your work. We will also take time to look at specific features on social networks, which will help you build community and dialogue around your work.

Creating with Social media

Social Media Week 2010

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