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We’re looking to hear from museums that have 1 or more WordPress sites.

Our goal is to keep WordPress secure and stable, so we’re sending every participant a WordPress security checklist as well as a best practices guide for WordPress backups. Just because.

A few other notes :

  • All results will be shared anonymously, unless you specify otherwise
  • None of these fields are required
  • We’re not going to spam you with crap or add you to some spammy email list.
  • We’re just looking to connect with WordPress folks and build the community.

Ok – on to the survey!

  • About Your Org's WordPress Site(s)

  • About You

    We'd love to learn a little more about and send you results of the survey. Don't worry - we won't use this to spam you or add you to some email list.
  • Leave any additional thoughts / URL's or requests here

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