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WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the web, which is why it’s targeted by so many hackers. Our security process will make sure your WordPress site is safe and sound.

We make sure your site is backed up, secure, and up to date.

If your site has been compromised, we can help! We’ve got this thing down to a science šŸ™‚

Our process to clean up your WordPress site and server will includes the following :

1) Download the latest version of WordPress and upgrade the core WordPress software
2) Scan the wp-content folder of the existing site and rename “plugins” folder to “plugin” (this will deactivate all plugins in the plugins folder)
4) Go into the themes folder, and delete any themes that are not being used
5) Go into the themes folder, and look for suspicious files and remove them (we will check for outdated versions of TimThumb in theme files)
6) Upgrade theme files, and timthumb if necessary
7) Run more scans, and install monitoring plugins
8) Have our hosting company run a final scan to verify the server is secure
9) Get confirmation from hosting company that site is clean
10) Change the following Passwords: FTP, WP Login, and DB
11) Re-activate the plugins folder

If everything looks good and clean, we will re-submit the site to Google through the Google Webmasters tool.

We’re so confident in our process and systems, we guarantee it for up to 1 year. If your site is compromised again while on our system, we’ll clean it for free.

Still not sure about our services? Contact us, or check out the awesome Yelp reviews :

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