MoMA Press

We completely rebuilt MoMA's Press Office website, from the inside out, while retaining almost a decade's worth of functionality.

MoMA’s Press office has been using WordPress for the last 10+ years, and we’ve been their primary WordPress partner for over 8 of those years.

While they had undergone several updates to their brand over that time, their Press Office’s website stayed mostly the same. For this re-launch, MoMA wanted to keep parts of the backend editing experience in place. But they also needed to update the front end to match their new look & feel.

We also worked very closely with our web hosting partner, WP Engine, to make sure the website could handle all the traffic, and would stay up and running for the relaunch.

Together, we created a new custom WordPress theme, cleaned up years of content on the backend, pared down their all of their content, streamlined the entire user experience, and matched the look and feel of their new brand. On time, and on budget.