• Sindeo

    Custom WordPress Theme and Development for San Francisco Startup

  • Daxor Corporation

    Daxor Corporation

    Daxor Corporation, based in New York, is the very first company to successfully have manufactured a machine, the Blood Volume Analyzer (BVA-100) that precisely measures how much blood a patient has in their body. This is a truly revolutionary piece of machinery that is able to accurately help physicians diagnose their patients correctly and provide the best …

  • Fuse Corps

    In just a few short weeks, we updated Fuse Corps entire WordPress site and prepared them for a successful relaunch.

  • Battersea Spanish

    WooCommerce. Event Ticketing. Stripe. Calendars. Blog. All these integrations plus a great looking site? Check.

  • Coppersea Distilling

    Coppersea Distilling is a Heritage Methods farm distillery in New York’s Hudson Valley. We provided strategy, design, development, and ongoing support for Coppersea’s launch. Within a few months of launch, Coppersea was featured in Time, Edible Manhattan, MSNBC, and several other media outlets.

  • Worker Cooperative National Conference

    We partnered with Tythe Design to deliver a fully featured conference website. Features include a speaker lineup, conference schedule, registration through eventBrite, and Spanish / English on many pages.

  • Leticia Van de Putte

    We partnered with 270 Strategies and Texas Democrats to deliver a fully functional campaign site. Under a really (really) tight deadline. In addition to development services, we have been hosting and maintaining the website throughout the campaign, withstanding the throngs of daily visitors.

  • Build Campus

    BuildCampus came to us with beautiful designs. We worked with their team to take their vision and turn it into a fully responsive site. They’ve since been featured in multiple publications and tech blogs for their innovative vision of co-living.

  • Fantesca

    A famed winery in Napa needed a new site. We took their designs and created pixel perfect layouts in mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • NYU Center for Media, Culture, & History

  • MoMA Design and Violence

    Custom WordPress development for the Museum of Modern Art. The site is fully responsive on mobile, tablet, and all other kinds of web devices. The project has been featured on The Wall Street Journal and other notable sites, such as Brain Pickings. Design + Violence, superb new online exhib by MoMA's @curiousoctopus with entries by …

  • CoSupport

    CoSupport works with some of our favorite organizations in the business including Mailchimp, Adobe, and WooThemes. When we saw that her site was performing poorly on her hosting platform, we jumped in to help her migrate her sites to WP Engine. The migration went smoothly and she hasn’t had any downtime since. The twestimonial she …

  • Subledger

    Subledger is a startup that allows developers to quickly build the accounting part of their apps. Based in San Francisco, the startup didn’t have a go-to WordPress team to handle their day to day needs. We provided WordPress customization services, and handled several updates throughout their site.

  • Societe Perrier

    We provided a whole range of IT and custom WordPress services, including WordPress migration services. We also corresponded with WP Engine (their host) to make sure the deployment went as smooth as possible. This particular WordPress site features over 100 authors from 15+ countries.

  • Groomism

    When Groomism came to us, they had an awesome vision in place. But they didn’t have an idea of how to make it come alive. We provided custom WordPress Development for Groomism and also provided a solid hosting solution.

  • FuturePerfect Productions

    Founded by Wayne Ashley, the former Director of Arts in Multimedia at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), FuturePerfect is a new performance, art and technology initiative. It was established to both draw attention to and mobilize the unrealized innovative, artistic, and economic potential of joining two important sectors in New York City: the long established …