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Importing mp3’s into Final Cut Pro

For those who need some help importing your mp3’s into your movie projects, here is a quick tutorial on how to do just that. Follow along on your own computer, and your movies will be singing in no time.

First, you’ll have to convert your mp3 file into an AIFF file using iTunes. Otherwise, you’ll get a skipping sound when you import those mp3’s. After you import the AIFF into iTunes, we’ll import that AIFF file into Final Cut Pro.

To begin, first open up iTunes.

1. Click on iTunes -> Preferences

2. Now, click on the Advanced icon. Select AIFF Encoder from the drop-down menu on Importing Options.

You’ll need to make sure your file is Imported into iTunes (you can just drag the file onto the iTunes playlist). Once your file is imported into iTunes, select your file and convert it to an AIFF file.

Now that you’ve prepped your file, import the file into Final Cut Pro

Final Cut

Make sure you select your AIFF file to import into Final Cut.
Final Cut

Once the file is imported, you can just drag the file into the timeline and treat it like any other clip, or movie file. Fade in, fade out, or even cross-fade.

Happy editing!

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