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iPhone Apps for the holidays

This is the first article I’m writing from an iPhone. This holiday season my sister graced me with this device. Unfortunately I had to spend several hours unlocking it because I have tmobile. Tmobile however does support iPhones and was able to help me get setup.

I’ve also spent some time downloading apps for the iPhone. I’ve listed a few good free ones to look out for

1. WordPress app – allows you to blog from your phone

2. Shozu – connect your camera phone to your flickr Facebook or YouTube account

3. Mint app – get your financial information directly on your iPhone. You must setup an account on mint.com to use this app. Very worthwhile. Also, I would recommend setting a lock code on your phone so if your phone is lost your info is safe.

4. FreshBooks app – for freelancers and professionals. Track your time and invoice your clients from your phone.

5. GooSync app – sync your contacts, google calendar, iCal, and other info between your phone, computer, and google accounts

6. Twitterific app – one of the better twitted reader and writer for your iPhone

What iPhone apps are you using?

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