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The Defibulators | CD Release Party

Last night, The Defibulators hosted a great night of music to celebrate their new CD Release, Corn Money.

New York Magazine writes:

In the way they re-create the barroom swing of the Hank era, the Defibulators and their fellow indie-country bands present themselves as more authentic than, say, Taylor Swift. But while Corn Money has moments of unvarnished beauty (“Your Hearty Laugh”), it also includes a degree of Hee Haw–style cornpone (note long underwear). So what is their music: paean or put-on? “It’s not ironic, what we’re doing,” insists Bru. “We’re not making fun of [country music].” Jennings arches his brow. “Or are we?” Noting Bru’s disapproval, he adds, “We’re not making fun of it. We’re having fun with it.” Sighing, Bru sums up the mystery that is their world: “It’s kind of hard to describe to people.”

You can listen for yourself on their site.

But before you do, watch this video we made to promote their new album.

New Album CORN MONEY out March 3rd! from the defibulators on Vimeo.

for a little more backstory on this video, read my original post

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