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Organizing 2.0: How to Plan for Your Website Redesign

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”
– someone who planned

Whether you’ve got an existing site, or need a new one, you need to plan either way. While a web designer or programmer can help you build a site, it’s up to you to figure out “What do I need?”

(via Julie Blitzer @ Advomatic)


  1. Thanks for sharing this one on your blog! Fureigh and I both realized in preparing and giving this presentation that we could talk about this subject for hours on end. The world needs better RFPs!

  2. Frank C. Tannehill says:

    I've noticed that many people recommend that the changes to a site should be done on a copy and uploaded when they're all done. Why is this the best way? What happens if I do the modifications directly on my site?
    Frank Tannehill

  3. jakilevy says:

    Whenever I update a live site, I keep a copy of the code I am working on right on my desktop, just as a back up. But it really depends what you're editing. It's relatively safe to update things if you are just modifying the content, or adding blog posts. Many sites are built on content management systems to help you do this. If you're editing templates, the server, or the framework of the site, you should be safe and do this on a copy, just to make sure you have something to revert to. Hope this helps!

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