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Congratulations to Coppersea Distilling

LogoOnly225HA little over a year ago, we launched a New Responsive Website for Coppersea Distilling (http://coppersea.com), a craft distillery based in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Today, they announced their partnership with Wilson Daniels, a premium wine importer & marketing agency based in Napa Valley.

From the press release :

Coppersea Distilling is a Heritage-Methods farm distillery located in the burgeoning distilling hub of New York’s Hudson Valley. Coppersea, recently named one of “America’s Coolest Distilleries” by Travel and Leisure magazine, creates spirits of distinction and character from hyper-locally sourced ingredients and employs Heritage-Methods distillation techniques, this means using on-site well water, mashing in open wood fermentation tanks, and distilling in direct-fired alembic copper pot stills. The resulting Coppersea New York Raw Rye is an unaged whisky of unusual creaminess, with notes of black pepper and honey.

To learn more about Coppersea, check out this awesome video by Surrender Pictures.

And to check out the press release, visit Coppersea’s press page.

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