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Dance on Camera 2014- Thoughts on This Year’s Festival

As the weekend is about to commence, so is Dance Films Association’s yearly festival Dance on Camera. It’s a cultural deep dive into movement, experimental collaborations and as noted on DFA’s website a “recognition that dance thrives best in the bosom of a creative community”. The perk of interdisciplinary nature of our clients often is exposure to unique experiences. Take a look for yourself!

2014 Dance on Camera from Dance Films Association on Vimeo.

A relevant piece of Dance Film Association’s story is their legacy in their genre. In their 42 year  history they’ve been able keep current and innovative. That’s no small feat. We have a lot to learn about how they’ve done this. I have a hunch that it might boil down to understanding their niche, being a member centric organization, and meeting the needs of their community of dancemakers and filmmakers.

That’s where Dance Film’s Association has aligned with our expertise in WordPress web development. During our partnership, we have streamlined the process of accepting applications from filmmakers and created archives all the past festivals.

This year we are launching a new phase of their membership system, using BuddyPress. This new system will allow members to connect more easily and share immediate information about their projects and expertise as dance filmmakers through groups. Groups will be small hubs oF connectivity to bring their global community of members closer. We’re excited to present the system to DFA members directly and get  first hand feedback and thoughts on its use going forward.

If you’re in New York come join us at Dance on Camera 2014! We guarantee you’ll leave inspired and ready to build something great for your community.

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