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Brooklyn Country Cantina Wrap Up

This past SXSW, we hosted the Brooklyn Country Cantina in Austin. Literally. The website for the festival – brooklyncountrycantina.com – was hosted on our servers (managed by our hosting partners WP Engine) and was developed by our team using Make by ThemeFoundry.


The Brooklyn Country Cantina is an annual party produced by The Defibulators and friends. The event features loads of bands and is an unofficial party that happens during the annual SXSW festival held in Austin.

This year, we were on hand to help setup, tweet, post some videos, and provide some on site tech support. Here’s a short clip of The Mastersons – one of the many bands we shot – on video – during the earlier part of the day.

The Mastersons at #bkcantina. Yummy harmonies.

A video posted by Jaki Levy (@jakilevy) on

As we wrapped up the day, we posted a few photos to our Twitter feed. Overall, we were on site for almost 18 hours. That’s a long day.

If you want some more good stuff, definitely check out the photos posted by The Bluegrass Station. They’re a fantastic set of images shot by a local Austin photog!

Overall, there were about 30 bands over the course of the day. So we went ahead and made a little playlist for your enjoyment via Spotify. Hope you enjoy that music! We did.

There’s loads of parties and bands that come to Austin for SXSW. According to Operation Every Band, there’s over 2,100 bands playing in Austin over just 1 week! That’s an average of 300 bands every day. Some bands we met played over 10 shows in just a few days.

So we’re thrilled that some folks think this is the best party during the festival. Aw Shucks. Now we’re blushing.

For even more SXSW musical goodness, make sure to check out NPR’s SXSW short list. It features 100 songs from musicians that played at SXSW. Some of those musicians played at our very own event. And all the songs are downloadable. Thanks, NPR!!!

And many many thanks to The Defibulators for putting this whole shebang together! We’ll see you next year at SXSW!

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