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Here We Come, Austin!

Next week, WP Engine (an industry leading WordPress web hosting company) will be hosting their annual WP Engine Agency Summit. And we’ll be there to report back what the leading trends are in the world of WordPress.

This 2 day conference brings together leaders of the digital landscape, who are developing cutting edge solutions to today’s problems. We’re certainly looking forward to connecting with companies such as IBM, Google, Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare, along with organizations like the New York City’s Mayor’s Office, and agencies like R/GA.

The WP Engine Summit website has a full list of speakers along with the full agenda.

We’re also proud to be an ongoing WP Engine Agency Partner. We’ve been working with WP Engine for quite some time, and seeing them create such a robust summit is highly encouraging, not only for the field of WordPress, but the entire digital world.

The conference happens on September 26th, so if you’re interested in joining us, you might want to hit that Register button, like right now. Or you can follow along on the blog. And hey, maybe we’ll even revive our twitter account for this event. No promises, tho 😉