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Email Marketing Resources

MailChimp has put together a great packet of email marketing resources on email marketing. There is a full packet of goodies on their site. You candownload the 64 page email marketing guide here.

Email Marketing Sites

• Email Sherpa – Great email marketing case studies and research.

Be sure to sign up for their email newsletters.

• ClickZ – Lots and lots of online marketing and email marketing news.

• Marketing Profs– Nice case studies and articles here. Premium membership is actually worth it. They also issue a Buyers Guide to email vendors.

• BtoB Online– Email and direct mail news. Check their “email marketer insight” section.

• Future Now Inc– Look for their little alien mascot, and sign up for their Grokdotcom newsletter. These guys specialize in conversion, and they know their stuff.

• Marketing Experiments– Great experiments and case studies here.

Email & Marketing Related Blogs

• Duct Tape Marketing– John Jantsch’s Duct Tape

Marketing Blog is full of quick, simple, affordable marketing ideas for business.

His book is a great read for new businesses who are just getting started.

• Seth Godin – That familiar bald head chock full of handy marketing ideas

• Tom Peters– As Tom would say, “Wow! Nice blog.”

• Tamara Gielen– Tamara Gielen’s blog on email marketing.

She posts links to news all over the email marketing world.

• MailChimp – Gotta plug the source of this good stuff: “MonkeyBrains” has email design tips and tricks, hacks, troubleshooting tips, news, and more.

• Mark Brownlow– Mark Brownlow has posted hundreds of useful email marketing articles and links here.

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