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Google me and change what google says about you

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Ask almost anyone if they would like to be able to change the Google results for their name and you’ll get a hearty “Yes.” What would they mean by that? Probably that they would like to have the ability to remove unsavory information about themselves from the Google index.

That is certainly not what Google Me offers! The program offers people control over their search appearance only in as much as they are willing to give Google more information about themselves. Google’s Joe Kraus explained to us that up to four Google Profiles will appear at the bottom of a results page. For people with common names, the more information you’ve filled out in your Google Profile – the more likely your profile will be selected for display.

How it Works

Google me? I’ll Google you! Google has become the de facto public record these days but most people remain in relative obscurity there and/or fear of what past indiscretions Google will expose to people who search for them.

Today Google released a product, called Google Me, that aims to change all of that. For a price – though not a monetary one.

Starting today, searchers who enter only the word “me” in the search box will be given an opportunity to set up or edit their Google Profile.

When someone searches for a name that matches a Google Profile, that profile may now be displayed at the bottom of the search results page.


Google Profiles have a lot of potential as big, standardized online identities. They are tied to online accounts on other websites and they contain lots of interesting information about people. There’s a lot of potential for outside developers to build interesting things on top of these profiles.


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