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Outsourced Logos

I’m currently examining outsourcing, and am running a few experiments.

Most recently, I’ve outsourced the creation of my New Logo for my company, Arrow Root Media, to China.
Now, I’m outsourcing my choice (or crowdsourcing my choice) – that means I won’t actually pick my logo – you will.
So, I could really use some feedback.

Can you please take a moment to take a look at these and help me make a choice?

Arrow Root Media Logo

I’m wondering, out of  the images posted, which one (or two) do you think works best?
Which ones suck?

If I were to make revisions, to any one of these images, what would you suggest?

You can also see all the images here:

Feel free to email me, or leave a comment below.



  1. Jaki,

    These all pretty much suck, on almost every possible level. For starters, most of the fonts are completely dated. #3 is early 80’s, #2 is 70’s, #6 is 50’s. #4, #1 and #5 aren’t even worth a second look.

    Color choice is also questionable, as are the motifs chosen.

    The only element among the 6 that may be worth keeping or pursuing is the graphic element of #2. I would definitely send back to the drawing board and start from step 1.

    For the record, I think we looked at around 30 concepts before coming up with a base on which to develop our logo.

  2. Josh Knowles says:


    Interesting idea. I like your current logo the best, I think — the one at the top. White plain Georgia inside of a black rectangle. Easy. Clean. Sophisticated. And, above all, fitting for an interactive agency.

    I think that’s my main critique of most of the six logos you outsourced. They look like they could be for community centers or sodas or garden shops, but they don’t really communicate what I think you’re after. That said, logo #1 comes the closest, I think.

    Pitfalls: I’d shy away from using fonts recognizable from other sources. One of your logos uses the Hard Rock Cafe font, for example. It makes the logo look a bit cheap, I think. And I’d stay away from visual flourishes like little graphics — *unless* they had some specific meaning with regards to your business (even metaphorical).

    I do like the design of your blog, here. Black. Red. White. Crisp lines. Strong. Sharp. Etc. Maybe play around with it as a starting point? And stay away from too much font craziness?

    My two cents. 🙂

    Good luck with the logo design project! I’m curious to see what you come up with in the end.

  3. ProWeb says:

    I for one applaud your experiments with outsourcing! I’m going through the same processes you are and have been documenting my experiences on my site as well.

    Ignore the naysayers with regard to outsourcing. Sure, you may often get what you pay for with outsourcing, but I still feel strongly that overall you’ll save lots of money and maybe even get better value for your money when outsourcing.

    For creative work I’ll often farm out a concept to 3 different graphic artist and ask each to give me 3-5 rough samples. From there I’ll choose my favorites, make some suggestions for revisions and then work with a single provider to finalize the design. Sometimes I just use outsourcing to bounce around ideas before putting up the real money for more “professional” (read expensive) options.

    Keep up the good work and best of luck to you!

    BTW, all the logos are a bit “flowery” for my taste… but that may be what you were looking for / directing them toward. Of all, #2 is my fav and then maybe #6.

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