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Why SEO Work Needs to Be Done After A Website Redesign


You have just completely re-done your website and it looks amazing! So, what about your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is very important for making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Did the company that re-did your site offer you SEO services to optimize your site afterwards? After doing a website redesign it is very important to have an SEO professional go through your site to ensure that all pages were redirected properly and everything has been optimized.


Arrow Root Media recently re-designed a website for Daxor Corporation, Inc. After we finished our re-design, we performed an SEO Audit on the site to identify any errors and warnings that we may have missed during the process. We uncovered several issues, submitted these findings to them with a game plan on how to improve their new site’s performance in the search engines and immediately got to work correcting these issues. We optimized every page on their site including news posts and blog posts.

Here are some important things that need to be looked at after any website re-design:



Redirects are one of the most important things to think about during a website redesign. Ensuring that proper pages are redirected to the correct location is vital to your existing SEO. These redirects tell search engines to rank the new page instead of ranking the old one that doesn’t exist anymore.

  • Redirects should always be 301 redirects. These will tell the search engines to pass the rankings from your old pages to the new pages. In addition, they will send your users to the correct page.
  • All pages that are redirected should be redirected to a similar page and not just to the home page or a non-relevant page

When redirects are not done at all or done correctly, Google will reset the value of the new pages that were created. These pages will go to a 404 page not found and drop out of the rankings. A lot of times this causes a loss in rankings and in traffic.



Site Architecture

Site Architecture is the process of how the pages are organized on the site and linked together to make sense. Google passes value from one page to the next based on where the pages are located on the website as well as internal links. Pages that a closer knit to the home page or other major pages on the site will rank higher than those that are lower in the hierarchy.

Each page has a topic or focus keyword/phrase that Google values it for and ranks it for that keyword/phrase that has been assigned to that page. Each target keyword/phrase requires a certain amount of value, or a certain score to compete with other websites in the search results targeting that same target keyword/phrase.

When a website changes how the site architecture is set up, it can cause some pages to have less internal links, or be linked to pages that may have less value to pass on. It is important that your SEO professional make the necessary changes to the site’s architecture properly as to get the best ranking from the search engines.



Changing content on your site after a website design can cause Google to re-evaluate the relevancy of the page for the target keyword/phrase. If priority keywords are removed from important areas (Title, Body content, meta description and SEO titles), the relevancy score will drop and overall rankings and traffic will drop as well.

Having an SEO professional go through your site with a fine tooth comb to uncover where all the errors and warnings may be hiding after your re-design is the best way to prevent any loss in traffic. In fact, with your rocking new site and SEO re-integrated, your traffic should actually improve.


Let Arrow Root Media help you with your SEO and ensure that your site is functioning properly.


Sign Up for a free site audit to see how you can improve your site!

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?


Arrow Root Media is proud to have posted a new article on Torque Magazine! Torque is an online WordPress magazine that has a ton of information for the WordPress community (people like you). We’re long time readers so are happy to be contributors.


The article reviews Google’s new search algorithm. This time they have been so kind to announce it before it happened. Much thanks to the guys at Google…we greatly appreciate the heads up!


Basically Google will now be using “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking factor for websites. For the web savvy – this we’re talking RWD (Responsive Web Design).


We all use mobile devices and scroll the internet in any given place at any given time. It only makes sense that Google would eventually “grade” websites based on their “mobile-friendliness”. Google announced that this change in algorithm will be released on April 21, 2015.

Be sure to check out the article to see how you can ensure your site is “mobile-friendly” and ready for this next update. And – as always, if you need help getting your site “mobile-friendly” ready, please be sure to contact us and we can help!

Complimentary Site Review!

Google rates your site on relativity, keyword usage, site structure, site speed, time visitors spend on your site, number of inbound links and quality of inbound links. The way your website is built and optimized depends on how many organic visitors your site will get.

To help you gain more traffic, Arrow Root Media is offering a complimentary site review to see how your site performs with these metrics. We will then set up a call with you to go over these results and explain what everything means so we can discuss performing a full SEO Audit of your site.

We love helping businesses succeed and operate more efficiently, which is why we are doing this!

The full SEO Audit is an extensive site audit to identify exactly what errors and warnings are affecting your site and where they are so we can correct them effectively. During the SEO Audit we will also perform a keyword research to target your audience better using relative keywords. Identifying the issues that your site has and correcting them enhances the search engines’ ability to crawl your site effectively and turn your pages up in the search results when people search for what you are offering.

After the audit has been completed and written up in detail, we develop a game plan to best suite you and your business. This will include correcting any and all errors that were uncovered during the audit, optimizing your site’s pages, blog posts, etc.

We also help you develop an online presence through social media, creating brand awareness. Posting relevant and shareable content that people will want to read and share on these social media channels greatly increases organic traffic to your site. People want to read something that is relevant to what they are dealing with or experiencing at the time. If this information is engaging, they will then share this information with friends, family, etc. increasing overall visibility of your site in the process.

We understand that every business is different, has different needs and different clientele. We customize your game plan depending on your specific needs and locations.

Arrow Root Media has been able to help many companies increase their organic search traffic. We have uncovered major site issues: Missing sitemaps, missing image alt tags, missing meta descriptions, URLs that are too long, duplicate page titles, duplicate content and many other issues. We use many different places such as Yelp, Manta, Yellow Pages, Google Places, Google+, and many more to ensure that people are able to find your site, what you are offering  and get the information they are looking for.

Ensuring that your site utilizes all of these things will greatly increase your organic online presence which in turn can increase your overall revenue. Drawing in the people that are looking for what you have to offer, turns into sales.

Be sure to get your complimentary site review today and talk to a Digital Strategist expert to see how Arrow Root Media can help your website thrive!

Complimentary Site Review