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EarStudio Relaunches New Site in WordPress

Ear Studio

It’s been a busy few months. In addition to launching a new photography site, this past November, we helped relaunch EarStudio.com, a digital media studio founded by artist Ben Rubin. Ben has collaborated with great folks like Laurie Anderson, Paul Virillio and Diller+Scofidio/Renfro. In 2007, he was commissioned to install Moveable Type in the NYTimes building.

Using WordPress + the Thesis Theme, we were able to deliver a fully manageable site. The new site includes a featured content gallery, a blog, galleries within every page (using the Simpleviewer wordpress plugin), and a completely customizable sidebar. And because we’re using the Thesis Theme Framework, he can update a majority of his fonts and colors without knowing any CSS code.

Check out the site and let us know what you think!

Ear Studio

And if you live in NYC, make sure to check out his new solo show at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. It’s awesome!

New Site: Hudson Valley BarnHouse

So what’s been happening down at the barn?

Well, glad you asked…

We just recently launched a new site: Hudson Valley BarnHouse

The site was built for a rental property in Warwick, NY offering rentals to vacationers and people who simply want to get away. The site features a full lightbox gallery, fully customizable font colors, and is completely mobile friendly (so people on the go can navigate to the property).

I’ve included a few pictures below, but go ahead and see the site for yourself. Heck – who knows – you just might find a great new deal for your next winter vacation!

(thanks to the Elegant Themes community for great support and great themes)

Watch the video below for a glimpse on how the web is touching people everyday.
(via Gawker)

(thanks for the video Mitch!)

A first in the world of Dance

Tonight, the Martha Graham Dance Company previewed their work Clytemnestra at NYU’s Skirball Center. The show featured Fang-Yi Sheu in the title role, along with a phenomenal cast. I had the personal honor of creating the supertitles for the production.

From The Washington Post:

Most helpful to the audience is the addition of a few discreet surtitles to describe the action. At one point they offered a bit of unintentional comic relief, when the text read, “The women of Mycenae celebrate the victory over Troy,” and the women onstage grimaced, clawed the air and appeared to be in the grip of abdominal distress. But they know what we’ve forgotten: There is no conquering death. Tragedies don’t disappear; their ghosts catch up to you, sooner or later.

Janet Eilber, artistic director for the Martha Graham Dance Company, had the task of devising the text. Once she delivered the full text, I created the system to project them above the stage.

Typically, operas feature supertitles to help audiences understand what the performers are saying. The supertitles, in this instance, offered the audiences a chance to catch up with the narrative of the piece.

Artists on the Web | Learning to Love You More

 I was thinking about how artists translate their work online and came across this great article on Creative Capital.org.

The article looks at interesting web projects that artists put together as an extension of their work. I remember seeing (and loving) one of the projects, Learning to Love You More by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. The project asks user to complete “homework assignments” – and the results are often heartfelt, hysterical or both. The artists say, “We spend hours drifting through the site…reading your life stories, watching your videos, listening and looking. It is one of our favorite things to do, and we know that thousands of other people feel the same way.”

I wonder how this kind of project can be developed within the performing arts community. . . . What will it take?