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Great WordPress Themes

Are you looking for great wordpress themes? Me too!

I’ve compiled the following places, where you can start your search for new wordpress themes. After you’ve found a theme you like, you’ll need to install onto your server. For help, follow these instructions.

And now – the list:

For beginners, I suggest starting out with K2.

Once you get a sense of things and become more familiar with wordpress, I suggest taking a look at the themes below.

The Thesis Theme : Flexible, modifiable, and manageable theme framework

WP Remix : A Full Blown Theme Save yourself the time and hassle of customizing a theme. This theme comes with pre-built templates, widgets, plugins, and other items, saving you time and effort. Get your site up and running with WP Remix!

The official WordPress Directory : WordPress.org has loads of resources, including a theme directory

Smashing Magazine : A great collection of resources, plugins, and themes. While you’re at it, take a look at their article, Strategic Design: Steps for Bulding Successful Websites

Graph Paper Press : Original wordpress themes, available for sale. Beautiful, elegant, customizable, flexible. In addition to the premium themes ($), there are free themes available as well.

Upstart Blogger : Free wordpress themes, for a solid wordpress themer.

Elegant WordPress Themes : Premium wordpress themes available here.

WP-Folio : A WordPress theme for artists. Developed in a residency at EyeBeam. Awesome!

If you find great themes, or theme directories please let me know by leaving a comment!


  1. Jaki says:

    @ Patrick – Thanks for the comment! I loved putting together that JDub video…

    @susan – Thanks for the resource – I took a look and it’s a nice addition here..

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