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Best New WordPress Themes

I was looking around for some new wordpress themes, and remembered the one I used for a recent site for Little Big Pictures. The theme was Oulipo and was designed by Andrea Mignolo. One of her themes was recently among the themes named “Best WordPress Theme for 2008”

Here’s bestwpthemes.com’s selection of the best themes of 2008. There are 45 themes in all, divided between free and premium themes. I’ve selected just a handful. For the full list, visit the bestwpthemes.com site.

The best free WordPress themes of 2008




Revolution White Canvas

Revolution Album

Elegant Grunge





Upstart Blogger Swiss


See the rest of the themes at bestwpthemes.com

Dance Videos made for the web

Why is “dance made for the web” an important topic?

Elizabeth Zimmer wrote in December 2008, “The past 20 years have seen the proliferation of cheap video equipment, and rare is the downtown stage not shared between dancers and video projections…some of these artists are as savvy as they are gifted, and they will figure out a way to cross over and enter the consciousness of a critical mass of viewers.”

As audiences for dance grow through the web and stage, so does the opportunity to create and share work.
Some it is completely choreographed, others are more improvisational.

I’ve compiled a few videos that give us a peek into the present + future (or death) of dance, art, technology, and the surrounding community dialogue on the web. Please feel free to add links to videos you’ve seen in the comments section.

Also – for a nice overview of videos focused on Ballet, take a look at Doug Fox’s post.

I will be showing + starting at 12:13

Maybe we all dream to be………? from T.A.G.San Francisco on Vimeo
Dancers: Drew Jacoby and Rubi Pronk
Choreography/art direction: Brian Gibbs
Shot and edited: Mattew Taylor
The piece was shot on a rooftop in Williamsburg Brooklyn

There are many more videos available “below the fold” –
See the full post

Click the MORE link to see the rest of the videos…

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WordPress Tutorials, Video Mode

I found a GREAT repository for video tutorials on wordpress – I’ve listed a few below, but make sure to visit SpeckyBoy for theFULL LIST of TUTORIALS.

WordPress 2.6 Video Collection 

via ithemes.com
Wordpress Video Collection· WordPress Overview › (Basic).
· How to edit Posts/Pages › (Basic).
· How widgets work › (Basic).
· How to Upgrade WordPress Using the Automatic Plugin › (Basic).
· How to Add new Users › (Basic).
· How to Change/Activate Themes › (Basic).
· WordPress Settings Overview › (Basic).
· How to login to WP Dashboard › (Basic).

WordPress Video Collection from siteground.com

Wordpress Video Collection· How to install WordPress › (Basic).
· Getting started with WordPress › (Basic).
· Arrange your blog posts in categories › (Basic).
· Manage comments in WordPress › (Basic).
· How to change the theme › (Basic).
· How to install WordPress plugins › (Basic).
· Create a backup of WordPress › (Advanced).
· How to upgrade the WordPress version (Basic).

WordPress Video Collection from killersites.com

Wordpress Video Collection· Installing WordPress › (Basic).
· Configuring WordPress Part 1-8 (Advanced).
· Customizing the WordPress Text Editor › (Basic).
· Introduction to building WordPress themes ›. (Advanced).
· Building a WordPress Template Part 1 of 3 ›. (Advanced).
· Building a WordPress Template Part 2 of 3 themes ›. (Advanced).
· Building a WordPress Template Part 3 of 3 ›. (Advanced).

Great WordPress Themes

Are you looking for great wordpress themes? Me too!

I’ve compiled the following places, where you can start your search for new wordpress themes. After you’ve found a theme you like, you’ll need to install onto your server. For help, follow these instructions.

And now – the list:

For beginners, I suggest starting out with K2.

Once you get a sense of things and become more familiar with wordpress, I suggest taking a look at the themes below.

The Thesis Theme : Flexible, modifiable, and manageable theme framework

WP Remix : A Full Blown Theme Save yourself the time and hassle of customizing a theme. This theme comes with pre-built templates, widgets, plugins, and other items, saving you time and effort. Get your site up and running with WP Remix!

The official WordPress Directory : WordPress.org has loads of resources, including a theme directory

Smashing Magazine : A great collection of resources, plugins, and themes. While you’re at it, take a look at their article, Strategic Design: Steps for Bulding Successful Websites

Graph Paper Press : Original wordpress themes, available for sale. Beautiful, elegant, customizable, flexible. In addition to the premium themes ($), there are free themes available as well.

Upstart Blogger : Free wordpress themes, for a solid wordpress themer.

Elegant WordPress Themes : Premium wordpress themes available here.

WP-Folio : A WordPress theme for artists. Developed in a residency at EyeBeam. Awesome!

If you find great themes, or theme directories please let me know by leaving a comment!