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Dance Videos made for the web

Why is “dance made for the web” an important topic?

Elizabeth Zimmer wrote in December 2008, “The past 20 years have seen the proliferation of cheap video equipment, and rare is the downtown stage not shared between dancers and video projections…some of these artists are as savvy as they are gifted, and they will figure out a way to cross over and enter the consciousness of a critical mass of viewers.”

As audiences for dance grow through the web and stage, so does the opportunity to create and share work.
Some it is completely choreographed, others are more improvisational.

I’ve compiled a few videos that give us a peek into the present + future (or death) of dance, art, technology, and the surrounding community dialogue on the web. Please feel free to add links to videos you’ve seen in the comments section.

Also – for a nice overview of videos focused on Ballet, take a look at Doug Fox’s post.

I will be showing + starting at 12:13

Maybe we all dream to be………? from T.A.G.San Francisco on Vimeo
Dancers: Drew Jacoby and Rubi Pronk
Choreography/art direction: Brian Gibbs
Shot and edited: Mattew Taylor
The piece was shot on a rooftop in Williamsburg Brooklyn

There are many more videos available “below the fold” –
See the full post

Click the MORE link to see the rest of the videos…

Esthers from T.A.G.San Francisco on Vimeo
Another improv during the DC sessions with Brian Gibbs and Garen Scribner
Filmed and edited by Matthew Taylor aka Dr.Bacon

Algorithmic editing assaults the senses in this dance film from Troika Ranch and Street PIctures, shot entirely in Brooklyn, New York
related work: Loop Diver

Undercurrents Video Short #4 from Third Rail Projects on Vimeo
In addition to three evolving art installations and short (5-10 min) live performances each work day of February 2009 at the World Financial Winter Garden, these video shorts are also featured for the entire month on WFC plasma screens located throughout the Winter Garden. These short videos add another layer of meaning and tie together various elements from the live performances and the installations, furthering narratives and reiterating themes.
Read a recap about the project on the Third Rails blog

watch in HD
more videos by Julie Fotheringham

Snail Timelapse – Dance Lesson for snails 🙂 from szicsaboj on Vimeo

Time lapse of Charles-Edward, a 9 month old baby, playing with his toys and creating chaos in his dinning room
found via A Time to Dance

This clip is the first of a series of composite videos capturing Real Life dance videos imported into a Second Life Wellington Railway Station.
A Facet of the Real by Mike Baker

Time Lapse – New York City Ballet
(watch this in HD)

Time Lapse of Maple Leaf Rag

Dancing in the Fields from Jaki Levy on Vimeo

Student Work

Other interesting videos I found

by Jeannette Ginslov

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